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FOR INDIVIDUAL SKIERS – XC300, XC500 and XC700 models

Coming in 2017, the wait for the ultimate personal skiing performance monitoring system will finally be over. It will be the result of three years of multi-team engineering and prototype iteration, to truly fit the arctic requirements of both recreational and professional skiing. To be firstly introduced to the cross-country skiing community, SKIIOT will also be made available for alpine skiing later on. Pairing with almost every heart rate belt available, SKIIOT introduces altogether seven (!) high tech sensors of its own, to give a thorough and be-all-end-all analysis of a personal skiing performance.  Three versions of the device will be introduced, with the XC500 and XC700 incorporating a world-class personal coaching software Coach4Pro. The least expensive line, XC300 will be compatible with Android Wear and give ease of use on the track for everyone. The XC500 will target the folks serious about their recreational skiing, while the XC700 will be introduced as the flag ship of the SKIIOT family, targeted towards world-class professional skiing athletes.

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For everyone that’s followed us through the years of our research and development and the skiing history in the making, we thank you!